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Article: Industrial services & extended products as a growth platform in machine manufacturing

The most crucial business success factor for almost all capital goods manufacturers should be value adding services and machine maintenance of the delivered machines. This article introduces the reader the business potential of introducing value adding services in relation to capital goods. The concept of an extended product – a compilation of hardware and related service -will be introduced as well as ideas and thoughts how to set-up, develop and manage the value adding services as an integral part of a machine or equipment.

Article: Product Management Maturity Assessment Framework

In order to develop the product management in a systematic way companies should have a clear understanding their current product management capability.

The product management maturity assessment framework provides you a practical tools to:
• Analyze your current capability level
• Recognize the most significant capability gaps and development areas
• Compare your company’s product management maturity with peers

PLM Information center

This site is focusing on PLM - Product Lifecycle management. The site features latest thoughts about PLM with the purpose of increasing the understanding of PLM and PLM related ideas.

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